Mission Statement

We serve people from relief to self-reliance; focusing on eradicating poverty; eliminate powerlessness, helplessness and inability to act. We work to develop and empower the most vulnerable and neglected segments of societies. We are committed to bring changes through development, empowerment and peace. We are committed to bring changes through development, empowerment and peace.


Agriculture is the primary source of earning a livelihood of the major portion of the afghan population. Despite the fact that only 12 percent of Afghanistan total land area is arable and less than 6 percent is currently cultivated, more than 80 percent of Afghanistan’s population is involved in farming, herding or both. Read more


Water is the life blood of an agrarian economy. In Afghanistan, where 80 % of the population is involved in farming,the importance of availability of water cannot be over emphasized. The devastating war in the country has crippled or virtually destroyed the age old irrigation and water supply systems, dealing a debilitating blow  Read more

Water and Sanitation

The need for safe water in Afghanistan was very crucial during the war periods. The country was in the midst of the worst drought in 30 years, and was also suffering from the effects of the Taliban.
HAFO launched series of projects, the aim of which was to endow with safe water and sanitation facilities to the vulnerable  Read more

Emergency Relief

Afghanistan is in the midst of a profound humanitarian crisis resulting primarily from long-standing armed conflict, a devastating drought, and massive population migration. The economy, government, and health care system are in shambles. Currently, as many as 5 million Afghans are in camps either as refugees Read more

Vocational Education

Afghanistan’s vocational training sector is continuously suffering the consequences of the long civil war and the Taliban regime’s, which especially targeted girls and women. Today, many vocational training centers have started operations again. Read more


Afghanistan is one of the worst affected countries by violence against schools, with 670 incidents of attacks on education in 2008. Violence on students have prevented close to 5 million afghan children from attending school in year 2010. Read more

Historical Monument

Afghanistan has been under various religious, political and social influences in the past. Its colorful history has strains of Hindu and Buddhist influences, while Islamic impact has remained dominant.
Thousands of Afghanistan’s historical monuments Read more


Considering basic human needs, the construction of shelter is the most important aspect with in the current scenario. In humanitarian responses to rehabilitate the masses, shelter provision and settlement are familiar terms as the human rights law demands. Read more